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Welcome...I'm delighted that you chose to visit! I started this blog in March 2010 and I am so happy that I did. It has made me more aware of the many ways that God is blessing my life. I have made some special friends who bless,teach,encourage,and entertain me! My desire is to be an encouragement to you. I hope you will tarry for a while and that you will come back to visit often.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

# 59

I celebrated a birthday yesterday!
Hubby took me to dinner at a place I had never been...
 La Parilla Mexican Restaurant.
It was a beautiful pleasant night,
so we ate on their patio

 Little E was there, too...

and her parents!

The three of us "girls" waiting for our dinner.

My gift from my sweet daughter and family
 was very thoughtful and creative.
The red "milk" bottle (you can see it in first picture)
held a colorful fall arrangement,
a cute "country" sign that says
"My Kitchen...Help Wanted",
 and a coupon book made just for me.
 I can redeem each one to spend special
 time with my sweet girl doing the things we enjoy!
Sure look forward to cashing those in!!

When I wasn't looking, the servers surprised me 
with a song, dessert, and a sombrero!!

It wasn't too embarrassing!! :-)

It was a fun way to end a nice day.
Friends and family were very kind and thoughtful
with calls and cards and texts and emails.
(And I had a wonderful lunch with a dear friend, too!)
I've reached the end of a decade...I have
a year to decide if I'll enter the next one or not!!:-)


  1. Happy Birthday!!! It looks like a wonderful day.

  2. So you and my Dear were both born a few days apart in the same year! A very Happy Birthday to you! Looks like a fun restaurant...

  3. good food and family, nothing better, happy belated birthday

  4. I'll let you know whether the "big 6-0" hurts too badly as I start the next steps to 70 tomorrow. Looking forward to our "363-days-apart" birthdays soon! Glad you had such a neat celebration yesterday! Love you!

  5. awww -- happy birthday, Miss Debbie! What a fun celebration!

    Many years ago...I think it was before we had children ... my husband and I took my MIL out for her birthday at a Mexican restaurant and she received similar treatment with the sombrero, etc. Whenever I look back on the photo of that evening, I am reminded of her thrill at having a fuss made over her. She was one of 13 children, never had a birthday party; it was the most anyone had ever done for her birthday.

    Glad you're surrounded by a loving family and often receive affirmations!

  6. OH, I know..the birthday girl has to become a bit embarrassed. They had a funny song at Applebees, at the last birthday visit I was at...just can't remember what it was...laughing at it was fun. Takes a bit of pang out of older. Happy Birthday.

  7. Now that sounds like a most memorable September 11th to me! Happy Birthday...to one who shares my hubby's special day. I don't think his party was nearly as exciting...but he was surrounded by family!

  8. Aw.. that sounds wonderful! Happy belated Birthday!

  9. Happy belated birthday ... sounds like a good one spent with the people you love!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Hold on to 59 for as long as you can! Looks like a fun dinner and sweet gifts.


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