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Monday, January 31, 2011

a bit of history

I found this historical Christian novel at the Dollar Tree last week.......

I had never heard of the author but it was a Crossings Book Club book, so I decided to give it a try. It was a sweet story and an easy read. Since it was historical, I actually learned something! From 1854 until 1929, 150,000 orphaned or abandoned children were sent from crowded cities in the east to new homes in the west. They traveled in what came to be called Orphan Trains. Telegrams would announce the date of their arrival and families would meet the train to "adopt" the child (or children) of their choice. More often than not, siblings were separated, never to see each other again. It was rare for the children to be legally adopted, so if times got hard, they could be given away, sent to an orphanage, or put out on the streets to fend for themselves.
This book is about 3 such children...two sisters and a brother who were orphaned when their parents died in the fire that destroyed their tenement apartment in New York City. They were given to three different families and didn't see each other for 17 years. The book is the story of the working out of God's plan to reunite them....to bring them home.
Reading this made me even more grateful for my wonderful childhood and for the blessing of being able to raise my own children. I, nor my children, have ever known want and there has never been a threat to our being together. God has certainly taken care of us.
I also saw it as a picture of our separation from God and of His wonderful plan to restore us to Himself. We are no longer orphans of this world, but children of the King. I am so very thankful to be home!

"His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ. And this gave Him much pleasure."
Eph 1:5


  1. You know I have picked up books about the Orphan Trains but I always put them back. When my children were small that was always my greatest fear, now not so much, but when you have six in the back of my mind was they would be separated. Did you cry very much? My kids read a book about that but it was a book about 7 kids. I am getting to be such a wimp anymore. I hope your day is a great one. I would like to go to the beach with you by the way. :)

  2. I, too, had a very blessed childhood and home growing up - and, honestly, I thought everyone grew up like that. Of course, I know now what a priviledge and blessing that was...and I am always awed and inspired by women who had such difficult circumstances and have allowed God to give healing and to use them now as women. It is precious to me....

    Sounds like a good book - and an eye-opener. And you found it at the Dollar store - yeah:)

  3. This sounds like a very interesting book, thank you for sharing your thoughts about it. (o:

  4. Thank you for the review; it sounds very interesting and possibly a little painful to read as well, thinking about all those children...

  5. I've seen that book. I will have to pick it up next time. I like historical fiction.


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