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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and we had fun, fun, fun....

Okay, you are probably going to get tired of looking at pictures, but, what can I say?.....I love pictures. I'll try to keep the text brief so you will have time to do something else today/tonight besides read this post! ha! ha!

Our oldest son and his youngest daughter taking "BIG" steps at the playground... it's a very nice one divided into two sections...older kids and younger kids.

Our grandson exploring the tube!

We went for walks every night after dinner. This is me and my daughter-in-law... our grandson's mom. Can you guess which one is me? :-) The three grands are with us. The oldest is taking the picture and the two little ones are just out of sight, admiring the red reflectors at the end of each driveway. They were round and on tall white sticks....they called them lollipops!

Playing bocce ball on the beach.....this was a windy day so it was cool when we got wet. It was something fun to do out of the water.

My sweet girl enjoying high tide.... water way up on the beach!

Our oldest granddaughter and I slipped away for the first walk on the beach. She couldn't resist getting a little wet. Later she climbed on some nearby rocks and I did a photo shoot. She loved that!
The ever present beach birds.We always carry bread to feed them, so we are their favorites!

" Gran, Daddy is digging to China!"

We thought this was the beginning of an ice chest full, but it was not to be. The guys went for a little while every day but one and caught just enough for us to have low country boil one night! The catch was disappointing, but the boil was yummy!

This guy was waiting to see if there was anything in the net for him!

Driftwood on the beach where we were shrimping. It is the result of erosion, but it sure is pretty.

One of the crabs we caught. They aren't big enough to keep. J says you could starve to death before you could fill up on the little bites of meat in those claws! Not worth the work it takes to get to it.

Horseshoe crab... a big one! In case you are wondering...... we put everything back in the water except the shrimp. So, no sea animals were harmed in the making of these pictures! ha! ha!

J and our oldest son pulling the net......

.... and waving at the photographer!

This is the way we like the beach.... wide open and not many people. Of course this beach is never full like many others are. It is a small island, so even on holidays, there is plenty of open beach.

Our two 3 year old grands look like they could be twins! Our younger son had to work so he didn't make the trip. So, "uncle" helped out with "daddy" duties.

J, or "Chief" to the grands, riding the waves with our littlest man! They did this over and over... I'm not sure who loved it more!

High tide makes digging in the sand a little difficult!

1..2..3..jump! Mom and son having fun in the waves.

J feeding the seagulls. He balls up the bread and tosses it. They catch it in midair!

"The sea is His and He made it" Psalm 95:5

This is the most expensive hotel on the island. It has beautiful grounds..... a great place to take pictures!

The island's commercialization is limited. There are a few hotels, a few restaurants, about 6 tiny shops, a small convention center and a campground. Much of the island is natural... lots of wooded areas. So, the deer come out in the evenings and wander through the residential area where the rental houses are. We saw them every night. This is one in our backyard.

Well, "all good things must come to an end"... so our week came to a close. It was a special time being together....enjoying each other, the goodness of God and the beauty of His creation. Can't wait til next year!


  1. (must be said with a whine):

    I want to go to the beach!

  2. I can't believe how big your grans look! Especially the oldest. Looks like a great trip.

  3. Great pics. I remember my time there. So much fun!

  4. Great pic's! I love the one with the sea gulls. It looks like a great family time at the beach!


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