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Thursday, July 10, 2014

beach bound

Well, my dining table is stacked with boxes and crates
filled with food, paper goods, and games.
My coffee table is covered with loaves of bread.
Our refrigerator is loaded with meats, fruits, 
cheeses, and salads.
 The bed in the spare room has piles of capris, shirts,
swimsuits, and lingerie.
In the hall, there's a large bag packed with sheets and towels.
Soon, there will be a truck overflowing with coolers, seines, 
buckets, chairs, bikes, a canopy, and boogie boards.

Why, you say? Because Saturday we are headed to the beach!
There will be 15 of us under the same roof for a week!!
There's not much shopping on the island, so we have to try
to take everything we will need.
I keep making lists and checking them, not just twice, but
over and over!

We look forward to this family trip every year. 
We have many memories from our time on the island...
Hubby grew up close by and our kids grew up going there while
visiting grandparents.
In 1997, we started renting a house on the island...
so this is our 18th year. Wow! That's hard to believe!
We started renting a small 3 bedroom house. When we needed more room,
we started taking our camper, in addition to renting the house,
 for 4 of us to sleep in.
In 2012, we decided to look for a larger house so we could all
sleep in the same place. We found an ideal place...
plenty of bedrooms, a large kitchen, a spacious
family room and 3 baths. And it is the most affordable
house of its size on the island.

So, Jekyll Island, look out....
we will be descending on you in a couple of days!
And yes, there will be picture...lots of pictures!!

Hope you have something to look forward to! :-)


  1. Lucky you! I've got 2 more months before we head to the beach - that's what I'm looking forward to!

  2. Wishing you a fabulous family vacation!

  3. Sounds like lots of fun will soon commence! That really is great that you can rent a place large enough for everyone!

  4. a fantastic place to stay, my home i was raised in is not that far from there, in Savannah.. enjoy your family and that beach

  5. i am looking forward to your pictures!!! you are well prepared and it sounds like you are in for the time of your life!!!!

  6. It sounds fantastic!! Have a lovely time. How nice to spend this time with your whole family and all of the babies!

  7. Oh, so happy for you! Looks like we are in the same stage of life for sure!
    Have fun and stay safe!

  8. Have a wonderful family vacation, Debbie. Can't believe you all have done it for 18 years now... WOW--amazing...Enjoy every minute.

  9. When I read, "there's not much shopping on the island" I wondered if you were headed to Jeckyl Island! I hope you all have a fantastic time! Enjoy!

  10. It sounds perfect.....hope you had a fabulous time!
    We've been going to Mammoth Lakes for over 18 years renting a cabin. I think it's time to start doing that at the beach.

  11. Just me again stopping by to say HI. It's been so busy this summer and I didn't want to miss any of your posts... But it looks like you haven't gotten back to blogging yet.

    We have had a milder than normal July which I love --but who knows what August will bring us... ha

    Have a great summer.. I'm sure you had a great time at the beach --and with the family this Summer...

  12. What a wonderful and fun time that sounds like. I hope you all really enjoyed that family time and get-to-gether. Hugs


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