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Saturday, July 5, 2014

a scarlet thread

After I got off from work last Monday, my friend, Danna, and I
made a trip to visit a quilt shop about an hour away.

They had many beautiful quilts displayed...

in the most creative ways!

Quilted purses...

and a huge selection of fabrics...

every pattern and color you "can" imagine!! :-)

Some of the quilts were also embroidered...

I especially like this one with scripture.

This is a "family tree".
You might not be able to see, but there are names
embroidered on the leaves...really special!

They also had neat little signs with quotes about quilting.

Anyone who sews knows that to be true!

 So true!

It's a good thing....because my little quilts are never perfect! :-)

Danna went to the quilt class with me and she has really embraced
the art of quilting. I've lost track of how many she has made, but she has
tried several different patterns and she has made some "big" ones!!
She has even been hired to make some! 

We had a great time looking, but neither of us bought anything.
It was a lot of fun browsing and I'm so glad we went...
I left feeling inspired!!


  1. I don't quilt but i would still enjoy browsing in this store. so much to see and all beautiful. i love their sign, it is beautiful to

  2. I like the quilt with the embroidered scripture. I see a lot of quilts with embroidery in blogland, and I think I'd like to make one ... I'm going to hold out for one with scripture. ;-)

    And those signs! Oh so true!!

    Sometimes I don't buy anything at a quilt shop ... but I always leave inspired!

  3. It's fun to be inspired and see what other talented people create...

  4. What a nice way to spend the day. A very lovely shop to visit I think.
    How nice to have a friend that likes what you like and likes to visit quilt shops.
    No one that I know even sews out here anymore. Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur.

  5. They are beautiful works of art, such gorgeous colors!!

  6. Your photographs are lovely, Debbie. I enjoyed our trip so much. Just think if it hadn't been for you, I might never have visited a quilt shop, much less be interested in quilting. But God is good - you said the right words at the right time last year. I have been so thankful that Dianne offered that class and that we were introduced to quilting! So very blessed. ~ Danna (aka Graham)

  7. That is a beautiful shop. I especially like the paint cans "dumping" out the bright-colored fabric. The scripture quilt is beautiful!


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