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Monday, June 16, 2014

forty-one years!

Forty-one years ago on June 16, 1973....
we stood at the altar of the church I grew up in
and said our vows and exchanged our rings in the 
presence of family and friends.

God has blessed us with many happy times and has comforted
us in the not-so-happy times.

He has graced us with 3 beautiful children, 7 adorable grands,
and many loving and faithful friends.

He has provided work for our hands, opportunities to serve
and time to have fun!

It was impossible to imagine at age 19 what life with this man
 would be like, but looking back I can say... it has been good.
Not perfect...there have been some bumps in the road...
disappointments, disagreements, difficulties.
But, commitment means getting over the bumps and finding the 
smooth road again.... and that's what we've done.
We have been happy in every stage of our lives...
newlyweds, child-rearing days, and now the "grand" years!
We don't know what the Lord has in store for us in the years
ahead, but we do know that we will face it together and...
we look forward to the adventure!! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! and I do hope you are celebrating today because 41 years is definitely worth celebrating. :-)

  2. Happy anniversary, and i like all the photos.. you are a beautiful couple and have a wonderful life.

  3. So well said...on your 41st anniversary! I nodded along with many of your statements. Your have exemplified the meaning of true love and commitment. Happy anniversary...and best wishes for many more good years ahead.

  4. Congrats Debbie, such a cute couple you are!!

  5. Lovely lovely history and legacy for your children and children's children. Congratulations on 41 years!

  6. 41 years ... outstanding! Wishing you both a very happy anniversary!

  7. Sweet Debby I am so sorry that I am late. Happy Belated Anniversary! Wishing you both many more years together filled with, love happiness, good health and blessings galore. Hugs

  8. How wonderful Debbie! That is such a lovely milestone. I am sure you had a wonderful day celebrating.

  9. Congrats on 41 wonderful years. We all go through the ups and downs in life ---and the ones who can make it together even through the hard times are the ones who are really blessed..... Congrats!!

  10. Happy belated Anniversary! Enjoy the weekend away!


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