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Monday, August 12, 2013

summer joys

Things we have been enjoying this summer:

--Tomatoes from Hubby's little garden patch. His plants have been very productive! We have had many BLTs and slices on our plate with every dinner. We've had enough to share and I've put a few quarts in the freezer. It's been a good thing!

--Watching our Braves win! They have the best record in baseball and just ended a 14 game winning streak. We are hoping this might be their year to go back to the World Series.

--Papa John's Pizzas. Every time the Braves score at least 6 runs in a game, you can get any large pizza for half price the following day. We had never had Papa John pizza before, but we have decided it might be our favorite! We don't order one every time, but we've had several and they are yummy!!

--Having the grands here. We have been happy to see them a little more this summer. Little E was here today while her mom worked a few hours. She reached up on the counter and grabbed one of Hubby's cayenne peppers. Before I knew it, she had taken a bite right out of the middle. She was chewing it and suddenly she sat down on the floor. She nodded when I asked if she wanted a drink. I grabbed her cup out of the fridge and when I handed it to her, her eyes were watering!! But she never cried or complained...she's a tough little cookie!

--All the rain and the cooler temps. We have had the mildest summer in many years...maybe ever. It has finally gotten hot...temperatures in the 90's. But I don't think we have reached 100 yet and that, my friends, is amazing!

--Our new front porch. I had always wanted a "rocking chair" front porch, so when we did our addition last year, we had them "add" that. Coffee and biscuits taste better while rocking and listening to the birds sing! And the swing...well, it's just fun! The ceiling fans have made it possible to enjoy the porch even with warmer days. Glad our contractor suggested those...I never would have thought of it.

So, in the midst of disappointment, it's always good to remember the good things that have happened.
We are blessed!


  1. It's always good to reflect on the good things that we have from the Lord!

  2. Lots of blessings in your life, Debbie...We don't have a big front porch --but we do have a wonderful and private deck out back with a view... PERFECT for us. We have a swing --but no rocking chairs YET.

    Glad your Braves are winning. Hopefully, this will be 'their year!!!! Neat about Papa John's Pizza.

    I've loved the cooler and wetter summer here also... I despise HEAT ---so this summer has been a nice change.

    YUM--on the homegrown tomatoes!!!


  3. i am surprised she did not scream or cry after the bite of pepper... I love tomatoes any way, raw or cooked... i have always wanted a porch with a swing, i spent so many happy hours on my grandmother porch swinging and reading and watching and listening to the birds.

  4. It is always good to count those blessings when you are discouraged. That is a good reminder for me.

  5. We have been enjoying our tomatoes too. I enjoy Papa John's and they have great specials but my husband likes Pizza Hut better, since I do the ordering I often choose my way! Your porch sounds lovely.

  6. I miss having a porch ... but we'll certainly have a wonderful deck (with a ceiling fan) when it's finished. ;-)

    Wow, little E IS a tough cookie!!

    Yay for your Braves! Hope they keep on winning (except whenever they might face my Cardinals - ha!).

  7. I am so glad to hear you are getting to enjoy wonderful, yummy things from the garden. Little E out-did me on that hot pepper, I would have been hollering for some help. Bless her little heart I bet that was a surprise to her when the hot hit. Oh, I would love to have a front porch to sit on. Keep enjoying your new porch. I have a yard swing that I enjoy being in when weather allows. Hugs


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