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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

sometimes you just have to...

...buy your own flowers!

Last weekend, since our trip was delayed, Hubby attended the men's retreat sponsored by our church.
Friday evening, I ran some errands which included a stop at Kroger. When I passed the floral dept, these blooms called my name!! I decided I could use the cheer that fresh flowers bring. So, they made their way home with me and are still looking fresh and lovely!

It happened again! I went to our local Hancock Fabrics store today shopping for fabric to recover the cushion in my bay window. One of the employees looked at me and said..."Oh, you came back!" Uh, OK. I just smiled and thought..."I guess I must have just missed my twin again!" Sometimes you just have to pretend you know what's going on!

Had a frustrating experience at another store yesterday involving fabric, too. When I got to my quilt class and unfolded my primary fabric to start cutting, I saw it had a flaw in it...all the way across the width...sort of looked like a seam. Anyway, the teacher said I could cut what I needed for that day's class from the other end and then exchange what was left with the flaw. So, yesterday, I went to do just that and was told..."Oh, no, we can't do that. You should have brought back the whole piece." Huh? I don't think I need to explain here how ridiculous that was. After a brief exchange, I left...not happy!

When I told Hubby, he offered to go back and see what he could do. After talking to 4 people, they finally agreed to giving him a refund and then he could go to the fabric dept and get them to cut another piece. So, when he gets there, the lady says, "Oh, we sold all of that and it is discontinued and we can't get anymore."  Well, I knew I had just seen it on the table where it was when I bought it two days before.

 So, after dinner, we went back for the THIRD time. I walked over to the table, picked it up and went to the cutting table. When I started unfolding it off the bolt, there was the piece I returned (minus the flawed piece). Hmmm...interesting. Seems someone knew they still had it! The employee came and cut what we asked for and said, "I didn't think we had anymore of this." As we walked away, Hubby said."She's the one that told me there wasn't anymore." I got what I needed and for that I am thankful. Otherwise, the quilt project would have been a bust. But it was a lot harder than it should have been! Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself!

It's raining here now and that's good. As much rain as we have had this year, we haven't had much in the last couple of weeks and the temps have been higher. It's been raining in Atlanta, too. So, that means a delay for the Braves game. So, if you want to watch baseball, sometimes you just have to wait!!

Hope your week is pleasant, your frustrations few, your joys immeasurable, and your wait times short! :-)


  1. Ugh - hate how what should have been a simple task of getting that defective fabric exchanged had to turn into such an ordeal.

    Did your Braves end up winning? My Cardinals are still struggling ... very discouraging after such a spectacular first half of the season.

  2. i hope you have another store where you can shop, I would not be shopping there again.. that is just crazy... those flowers you got are what my son always gave me for mothers day, and they last for 10 days or more. i love them

  3. Well, I have always heard that we have a twin somewhere in the world. When I was around 20 years old I was mistaken for a girl that lived in MN or one of the other states up north, can't really remember but I think it was MN. I lived in OK at the time and I liked to have never convinced the man that I was not the girl he thought I was. He finally told me I could be her twin. I guess you DID just miss seeing your twin.

    One should never have to go through all that yo and your husband did to get it made right with the fabric you purchased. Glad you finally got it taken care of though and you can continue on with the quilt project. You are right that sometimes we just have to stand up for ourselves. Hugs


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