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Monday, November 5, 2012

let's go downtown

 I was grateful for the opportunity to worship with 
my daughter and SIL at their church Sunday.
It is a store front church in downtown
 Macon (about 20 miles north of us)
where they live.

The message, from the book of Ruth,
was insightful and relevant.

The music was worshipful and special to me
because my girl was one of the vocalist.
God has given her a beautiful voice and
 I am so thankful that she uses it to praise her Lord.
 I do love to hear her sing!

It blesses me to know that they are involved
 in a church where they are being taught,
 have opportunities to serve,
 and have good friends.

It's always good to see God at work
 in different places.
Church is church as long as He is there!


  1. And as our pastor has said church is church wherever we gather together. It's good to see our kids thriving in a body of believers...

  2. How special to have your daughter helping to lead worship in her church!

  3. Sounds like your daughter and son-in-law have found a wonderful church to attend. So glad that you got to visit it with them. Finding a good church is SO important for young people these days.


  4. So glad that your daughter and SIL have found a church to be a part of ... and you're right, church is church wherever He is.

  5. you have a beautiful family, i did not realize you are in GA. i am Savannah born and raised, so not to far from where you are. we have a lot of store front churches here and also many who meet in schools.


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