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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

bowling balls and chicken nuggets

Saturday, I had the opportunity (Hubby had to work)
  to celebrate our grandson's birthday with him
 and his family. First, we went bowling.
 We had a great time being together,
but didn't set any records with our scores! :-)

 Little L was more interested in eating than
 watching us roll a ball down an alley!
 You've heard the saying "two peas in a pod"...
well, this is a picture of it!!

 He does love his baby sister!

He enjoyed tearing into his gifts...

and was happy with what he found
 under the wrapping!

Next, it was off to Chick fil A for an early dinner.
There was time to climb and slide
 in their indoor play area before we ate. 

Little Debbie Zebra Cakes are one of his favorites, 
so that was the "birthday cake" of choice for
this little celebration!
As you can tell... he liked it

So glad we were able to do some special together
 for this milestone birthday....#6!
He is one "grand" boy!


  1. Oh my goodness - I miss the days when the kids were little - your two grandkids are sooooooooo cute! sandie

  2. He looks great with his grand...too!

  3. You can tell that he is a sweetie pie and I love that picture of him with his Grandma, It looks like a really fun day.

  4. awh ...so fun and memorable. that's the best part.

  5. your post made me smile all the way through it. i love the bow bow in little L hair. my grandson who is 27 now called bows in hair, bow bows. a great party and my most favorite game when i was a child was candy land.

  6. 6 is such a wonderful age! So glad you had a wonderful day celebrating his birthday.

  7. Sweet photos of your grandson and his birthday! We have an Aldi near us and I have never been! Need to go and see what it's all about as well.

  8. Fun times! Love your photo in your side bar.

  9. Gota love those "grand" boys! This is the age when you can do things with them and they are so thrilled! I'm basking in it for as long as I can too.


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