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Saturday, November 3, 2012

a night of song

Thursday night, our oldest granddaughter sang
 in a county wide elementary school Honors Choir.
She was one of only ten chosen from her school. 
The choir consisted of 100+ students representing
eleven schools.
My daughter and I were happy to be able to make the
trip to Tenn so we could attend.

 The girls were told to wear a little blush and mascara.
So, "auntie" took care of that in the parking lot
 just before we went in!

Proud Aunt!

Me and my favorite nine year old!

Keeping little sister entertained while we
 waited for things to get started.

 So glad we could make this trip together!

There she is...singing her little heart out!
They sang in three languages...
English (of course!), Latin, and Hebrew.
 I was impressed!
She loves to sing and has a very pretty voice.
We may have a star on our hands!!

 After the concert with Granna and Papa,
her mom's parents...

...with Mom and Dad...

...and little sister! Silly girls! :-)

Went here for yogurt afterwards. Yummy!

By this time, Little E was worn out!
So, she missed out on the yogurt...
but she had Zak, the puppy,
 and that's all she needed!

It was a special night.
 So grateful that I was able to share it with
 our little "songstress" and her family.
I always want her to know I am one of her
biggest fans ...no matter what she is doing!


  1. What a fun honor and so nice that you could go to the event! I hope she always finds joy in singing...

  2. That was soooooo awesome - tell her congrats for me. sandie

  3. How special, Debbie. I know you were proud of that granddaughter.... So glad you and your daughter could attend...

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. I'm so glad that you were able to attend ... being there for those special moments is such a joy and creates special memories ... for both grandma and grandchild.

  5. awesome family photos of your very special event!!


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