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Saturday, June 9, 2012

a day (or three) at the beach!

When I see this bridge, I know we are almost there!

Our favorite vacation spot!

After setting up the camper and having dinner, 
we headed for scenic driftwood beach.

To give you an idea how big this tree was!

Then, to the walkway to overlook the dunes.

The next morning, we hit the beach!

There were lots of people there, but it is never
crowded like many other beaches.

We spent lots of time under our
 canopy reading,
eating lunch and watching people.

We ate dinner at this pretty little place
called SeaJay's.

It is on the water, so the view was nice.

We ate tilapia...it was okay,
 but overpriced, I thought.

The resident cat was not happy to be on the porch...

...but we were!

Stopped to take a look here...the one place
 on the islandwhere there are alligators,
 but we didn't see any!

The campground has a bird sanctuary...

...and it was very peaceful and quiet here.
 All you could hear were the birds.

We rode our bikes to the pier and saw
 a young boy catch a small shark.

Then sat at a table behind this bush...
(love the way the sunlight was coming through)

...and watched the waves hit the rocks...

...and the big casino
"cruise to nowhere" ship go by!

Another day, another bike ride took us
 to the beach front where many improvements
 have been made.

Many new palm trees...

lovely flowers...

...new sidewalks, landscaping...

...a beach volleyball pit...

...comfy chairs to sit in that overlook the
ocean, and a new convention center. 

The weather was perfect and the days
 were relaxing...just what we needed! 
We will be going back next month
 with the whole family...with 11 of us,
 it will be a"little" busier! :-)

We finally had some "excitement" on
 the way home...a tire on our camper blew! 

But, God takes care of His own. 
We were able to pull into a parking lot
 immediately, so Hubby did not have to 
change it on the side of the road.
 And the young man in the picture was
 pumping gas at the station
 and asked if he could help. 
He had a better jack which made the job easier.
 Ten minutes later, we were back on the road.
 Two minutes later, it was raining!
We had much to be thankful for!
I know there are many times when
 we don't know how God is protecting us,
 but I love it when it is
 so obvious that He is watching over us!
It made our little "get away" even more memorable!


  1. wow I hardly recognize the island in some of the pictures. looks beautiful.

    is the bird sanctuary a new development? I've never known about it.

    Can't wait till we're all there

  2. Looks like a wonderful vacation. Even the ending was a blessing.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful way God provided for the blown tire! So glad y'all could spend time alone together! Love you!

  4. Glad you are having a good time. Made me long for fall ... when we get to go.


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