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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"grand camp"

A couple of weeks ago, we had our
 three oldest grands for a few days.
We tried to make the most of our time together. 
The first morning, the girls and I made cookies...

...and had a tea party!
 My prettiest things got packed up when
 we put our house on the market.
 So, we made do with what we had.
 It wasn't he fanciest tea, but it was fun!

That afternoon, the grandson joined us
 at Monkey Joe's...

...where they climbed..

 ...and slid...

...and laughed...

...and smiled...

 ...and rode until...

...they needed a break for refreshment!

After we closed the place down, it was back home home
to make their own pizza.

 After dinner, it was off to the park to ride bikes...

...and play on the great playground!

There was spinning,




 and more balancing!
I was glad to be the photographer!

The next morning, the two baby cousins
 came and there was coloring and movie watching.
 There was so much going on,
 I forgot to take pictures!
In the afternoon, we went swimming, but
the photographer left the camera at home! :-(
 ( I really fell down on the job this day!)
 After Happy Meals from McD's, baths,
 and story time...
we were ALL ready for bed!

We had a "grand" time at "Grand Camp"!
So grateful for these sweet little ones
 that bring us so much joy!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the grandkids! We've been to St. Simmons Island which is near Jekyll Island when hubby was stationed down in Atlanta and we absolutely loved it! Your pictures are great! I would love to go back one day! Enjoy!

  2. ahhh...grandparenting looks like a lot of fun and it looks very tiring, too. :0)

  3. Then if I was writing this post I would say," I went home and slept for a week." :) I will have all of mine here tomorrow. I feel like I run all day long.
    They go home and then the house is silent and I feel sad for awhile.
    It will be fun though, and I do feel blessed at this stage of life. I loved all of your photos. They are awesome.

  4. I get my three this weekend, but I am never the grandmother that my pal Debbie is! She is an awesome Gran!

  5. Just wait till E and L are a little bigger and you have all of them at once. That will be interesting! :)


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