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Sunday, June 17, 2012

moving on...

Twenty-one years ago, when the doctor
 I work for decided to open his own practice,
 he asked this lady to be his office manager.
She said "yes" and has served him faithfully
 all these years. She has been looking forward
 to retirement for several years.
Well, it finally happened...Thursday was her
 last day as our "F.L.-Fearless Leader"!

 We had her retirement dinner at Doc's house...
which is lovelier than any restaurant
 we could have chosen.
(That's Doc in the white shirt!)

The food was delicious and the atmosphere
... relaxed and comfortable.

Everyone was happy to be there to celebrate 
this momentous occasion!

 Here's my girl and her special buddy
 from the office. She worked in the office
 for two years and, since having Little E,
she is working for the Doc from home.

 One of the neat things about our office
 is that the  medical assistants and the
 front office staff are all friends
 and enjoy each other.

 We all just work together
 to get the job done!

 After dinner, we gathered in the basement
 to watch a video one of the girls made...
about 30 seconds in, we were all teary!

Since my girl worked through her
 entire pregnancy, Little E has been dubbed
 the "office baby"!
So, she attended and made the rounds...

 ...trying to give everyone equal time...

...especially the guest of honor!

"Wow, Mom, all this socializing is exhausting!"

 After the video, there were gifts...

...and more gifts...

 ...and speeches and tears,
 and more speeches and more tears!
It was a special time of expressing appreciation
for a job "more than well done",
 for friendship, for loyalty,
for 21 years of memories!

I failed to get a picture of us
 together at the party. This is one taken at a
 Braves game two years ago.
I didn't make a speech...
knew I wouldn't get through it.
So, I wrote what I would have said in the
card we signed for her...

"Who knew that when I interviewed with you
 twelve years ago, that not only would
 I get the job, but also a precious friend
 and a sweet sister? God knew! 
And I will be eternally grateful to Him for that!
You have been a special gift from God
 to me and to my family.
It won't be the same here without you,
 but I am so happy that God is giving you
 the desire of your heart!
I love you, Debbie"

She loves her God and she loves people. 
As a result, she has had a huge impact
 on the lives of everyone who has been a part
 of our office over the years.
 I am confidant that God will continue
 to use her to bless the people she encounters
 in this new phase of her life. 
I know her well enough to know that
she may be retiring from work, but
she most definitely is not retiring from life!


  1. What nice pictures and what a nice evening.
    It looks fantastic.

  2. It's so refreshing to hear about an office where the employees get along well. Looks like a wonderful celebration!

  3. Oh my goodness - congratulations. That looked like a dream job - everyone friends. Your daughter. And you granddaughter is beautiful! You are very blessed. Best wishes. sandie

  4. Where do you live - south? I am in GA. My email is skcz at comcast dot net what is yours? sandie

  5. Loved the tribute to the "Cat Lady!" I know she was blessed!

  6. Wow! What a beautiful celebration, truly sounds like a great job, full of meaningful friendships. Loved the pictures of the sweet baby! She is so sweet!!

    Happy 'late' Anniversary@@

  7. I posted a link to this on FL's fb wall. She commented and said it made her cry. She had wifi in a coffee shop somewhere in nova scotia and was able to read it.

  8. and Ramon definitely needs a copy of the picture of him and E.


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