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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

love those mountains!

As promised, here is my report on our girl's get-away weekend in the mountains! Here is the mountain top inn where we stayed.

It was very nice with a good continental breakfast and a friendly, helpful staff.We had a room with a view which was lovely. I waited until we were leaving to take pictures, and, unfortunately, it was overcast. So, you can't really appreciate how pretty it was.

There were mountains in the distance
that you can't see.

The inn looked really impressive when
approaching it from this highway....sitting up
on the mountain.I wanted to take a picture,
but the road was too busy for that.

On Friday, we had lunch at this cute little place
in Jasper...The Carriage House.

It had a warm atmosphere and cute decor
and the smell of coffee was comforting as we came in
from the chilly, breezy weather.
The locals have their own chairs with their names
on the brass plate at the top of the chair.
I sat in Nancy's!

This pretty lamp graced our table.

This was cool hanging from the ceiling!

After a lunch of BLT's and fruit, a good cup of coffee
warmed us up before we headed out
to browse and shop!

This is one of the shops we visited in Jasper.
There were others, but I failed to take pictures.

Then it was on to Ellijay to crash at the inn
for a while before heading out to dinner.
My co-worker recommended this place.
If the grandkids had been with us,
we surely would have taken pictures of them
in this huge chair out front.
Notice the ladder you have to climb to get to the seat!

It is an Italian restaurant with a funny name....

Charlie's....doesn't sound very Italian, does it! ha! ha!

On Saturday, we were off to the town square
in Ellijay where we browsed through
four more shops.

Then, it was lunch at Cantabury's....
another cute place to eat...

...with soups, sandwiches, salads and...


Yes, my friend was there, but she doesn't care
to be in front of the camera.
Love the "happy" tablecloths!

Sunday morning ,after a good night's sleep and
breakfast, it was time to head home.
We had a great time, found some treasures and
made some memories!
It was time well spent! :-)


  1. So you and the "anitque lovin' friend" went to the mountains. I was thinking at first from seeing the mountain view photo that y'all went to Dahlonga, but it was Ellijsy. But just about any place in the North GA mountains is beautiful! Love our GA mountains!

  2. Sounds like you had just a fine little get-away! A good friend...fun location...fabulous eateries and neat places to shop.

    Have a great week.

  3. That sounds like my favorite kind of get-away. Nice scenery, great food and a little shopping! Lovely photo of you...

  4. Totally my kind of fun!

    Blessings, Debbie


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