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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what's in your backyard?

In my backyard, there are things
that are growing...

...things that are blooming....

...a nice place to sit...

...and a pond that is being fixed!!

The lining was leaking, so Hubby took it out to replace it. When he did, he saw the wood was rotted, so he replaced everything but the posts, which were still in good shape. Classic case of a simple task getting complicated! Tomorrow the lining, plants, and fish should be back in place.

Hope you all are having a sweet week....and a reminder
that tomorrow, Wednesday, is the last day
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  1. So what is growing in your garden, I see tomatoes and I clicked to make the picture bigger but I could tell what the other things were. It all looks very pretty. My back yard is sort of like the family step child, it only gets the plants that I had to many of in the front. The garden gets all of my time. :)

  2. Great back yard! I especially love the white flower...is it a gardenia? I might have to borrow your post title when I have a little more to show for my springtime efforts.

    Your pond will be wonderful again once it's all repaired. I'd love a pond, but we're electrically and plumbingly challenged around here. I do have a brown spot that really *needs* a pond to cover it!

  3. Beautiful! Are you sure you want to give up all this beauty for a little more square footage and the hassle of moving?

  4. glad our mothers day present made the cut!

  5. "What's in your back yard?" you ask...well, after 4 waves of hail yesterday, I have a lot of shredded green leaves all over the place and some very un-perky annuals. Time to break out the back-ups that were still in the garage, and re-plant!

    At least I can't claim I'm bored because I have nothing to do!

  6. What a beautiful yard! Love the flowers, the garden and the swing! Hope the pond project finishes smoothly!

  7. Your backyard has lots of lovely things growing in it. (o:


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