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Sunday, May 29, 2011

interesting thing about fireflies.....

This is our last night by the creek. We will be headed home in the morning.It has been a fun time and we have enjoyed the opportunity to get away. Friday night, we were sitting outside enjoying the pleasant night and the sounds of nature......crickets chirping, frogs croaking, and the creek rippling over the rocks....when we noticed the fireflies. We watched them and talked about catching them in a jar when we were young. Then we wondered how they light up. I said, "We will have to "google" that sometime." No time like the present, the Hubby thought, so he stepped into the camper to get his laptop. While he was gone, I was thinking...."This would make a good blog post. I could compare it to us letting our light shine...hmmm, that might work." So, he looks it up and it seems they light up to attract mates!!! OKAY, well, I guess that analogy didn't quite follow through! :-)
Anyway, I will have more to share when I get home and download my pictures. Hope tomorrow is a great day for all of you.
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Fireflies are mythological creatures to me....I have yet to see one! I guess that is what comes from living where I do...they don't exist here.

  2. I love firefly's and some of my fondest memories are of catching them and putting them in a jar. When my kids were younger we went to stay with my parents. They caught lots of them in a jar, then they took them in the house. During the night one of the kids opened the jar. My Mom said she got up to check on the kids and the firefly's were in the bathtub by the water. With the lights blinking on and off.
    They just make summer perfect I think.
    I am glad you have had a nice weekend. It sounds wonderful.

  3. Smile! It's still nice to now why they light up. How do "they" know that?
    I've missed being able to comment.


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