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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my "crowning" embarassment!

Today, I was thinking about Mother's Day
coming this Sunday and I remembered one
that I will never forget.I thought I would
share it with you... in hopes that it will
give you a reason to smile
maybe even laugh out loud!

One Mother's Day a long time ago, when our children were young, our church honored and recognized mothers by giving them golden paper crowns. As our two pastors placed each crown, they spoke a word of blessing on each of us. It was a very sweet and meaningful service.

After church, our family went to Taco Bell for lunch...... a place that everyone liked and one that wouldn't be crowded. Everyone being happy would make my day nicer! Anyway, we ordered, got our food, and were eating, when our daughter said. "Mom, you must really like your crown since you're still wearing it!" I was mortified! I jerked it off and said. "Why didn't one of you tell me I still had it on?" (It was so light, I didn't even realize it was still on my head!) My Hubby said, "I thought you liked it and wanted to keep it on." I was so embarrassed.....what did the employees and other customers think? About that time, our oldest son said (teasingly), "I bet when the people who work here saw you, they thought...'She must be really special!' " As they all began to giggle, I wanted to just slide under the table! But, I didn't. Instead, I went boldly to the counter, ignored their grins, and ordered a Choco Taco....surely chocolate would make me feel better! :-) Afterward, I was so glad we went there and not some nice restaurant. It was bad enough...that would have been much worse!

That's my funny Mother's Day story?
Do you have one?


  1. I think that is so sweet, I wouldn't have thought anything about it if I had seen you. I might have thought wow her family really thinks she is special just like your son. :)
    No I don't have any stories I wish I did. :)

  2. Your fun story sure did lighten and brighten my day today. Thank you for sharing. Loved it!!!

  3. Great story! I don't have a humorous story...but rather an almost unbelievable one. I was once honoured in church for being the 'youngest mother'. That was a very long time ago! I still have the figurine I was presented that day...Mother's Day 1973.

  4. Oh, that IS funny! I can imagine the self- consciousness you felt, but as an outsider looking in, I wouldn't think a thing of someone else wearing her crown!

    Many years ago, before I was a mom or even a wife, we were eating out with my parents and my sister's family. I found myself at the "kid end" of the table and got water spilled on my lap. It was a tough mother's day for me...feeling like a fish out of water...well, IN water. ha!


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