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Monday, May 30, 2011

an all american weekend

Here we are at Cedar Creek...about three hours
northwest of us in the foothills
of the Appalachian Mountains.
Our campsite was about 50 ft from the creek....
so this was the view looking east....

...and this was the view looking west!

As soon as the camper was set up
and we finished lunch, it was time to "wet a worm"
except it was crickets he was fishing with!

This was his first catch...a whopper, huh?
They did get bigger and they kept him busy.
There were bream and bass and.....

...this guy! He's a water moccasin and he came up
twice hanging on to a fish with all his might!
It only took about two minutes and we had a crowd...
everyone wanted to see the snake...
from a distance! :-)

And I was there (trying!) to read my book,
in the midst of the excitement, and taking pictures!

Saturday morning, our son from Tenn
came to join us us. He loves to fish, so ......

On Sunday, we drove a few miles to watch
a Braves minor league game.
We got a great deal on a Sunday Family Package...
tickets, hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks for all of us for $25!

If you've never been to a minor league game,
the tickets are cheaper and there are no bad seats.
The stadiums are smaller and
you are very close to the field.

If you want to sit on the grass, it only costs $4!

We saw more tent campers
than we've seen in a long time.
They were all shapes and sizes
and a rainbow of colors.
It reminded me of all those years
we were tent campers with our kids!
Great memories but I'll take the pop-up
any day!

Took this shot early this morning.
I love the way the light
is filtering through the trees.
I was only brave enough to wade in the water....
it was icy cold!

One posed picture.... by a huge tree that was
uprooted by a storm.

Then, it was time to pack up!

So, I gathered up the games,
unloaded the fridge, stripped the beds,
put everything in it's place inside the camper....
and then watched while the guys did the rest!
It was an "All American" way to celebrate the holiday......
fishing, hot dogs, and baseball.....
with people you love!


  1. Glad you had a great weekend! We also have a minor league team--it's awesome as you said.

  2. What a fun Memorial Day weekend...minus the water moccasin! eek! How did your husband get it to let go?! That would have sent me packing right back home...I get shivers just thinking about it! ;O

    I *love* minor league ball! Mine and my husband's third date was to a Denver Zephyrs game...but they left when we got the Colorado Rockies. We loved the prices for Zephyrs ball much more, but it's exciting to have the big leagues here.

  3. What a fun weekend. So glad you took pictures. I do miss camping.
    I would rather do that than just about anything.
    I hope you have a good week.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! So you went wading in the same water that the water moccasin come out of? Are we talking a poisonous snake? You are one brave woman regardless!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. What a fun way to spend a holiday together. I like your pictures, especially the one of the early morning. Time to read must have been a real treasure for you.


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