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Monday, March 21, 2011

a lesson from john

Our pastor is preaching through 1 John. Sunday's message was on verses 7-11 of chapter 2. There were a couple of things that were especially meaningful to me. In verse 7-8, Jesus says he is making the old command in Leviticus..."love your neighbor as yourself " new by saying "love one another as I have loved you." The pastor said the command is becoming new in quality. The love of Christ is so much more powerful and meaningful than any human love.
Verse 11 says if we have hatred in our hearts toward our brother, we are in the darkness, we are blind and can't see where we are going. That presents opportunities to stumble.
But verse 10 says we will walk in light if the love of Christ abides in our heart and there will be no cause for us to stumble. He talked about Satan setting traps for us when he tempts us to sin. All traps have a lever and stepping on the lever is what activates the trap. The Greek word for lever is the same as the word for stumble. (Isn't that interesting?) So, if we are filled with the love of Christ and are living in the light, we will see the traps and can avoid them. We won't step on the lever......we won't stumble!
I like that thought!

P.S. Update on baby....she is slightly improved, off ventilator, breathing on own, but still in very serious condition and still in ICU. Thank you for your prayers...please continue to lift up this little one and her family to our Heavenly Father!


  1. I will keep her in my prayers and I am thankful she is off the ventilator. I love that, I didn't know that lever/stumble were the same Greek word.
    I am glad you wrote about this today. I want to say thank you again for the sweet little gifts.

  2. Praying for that sweet little one...

    Great thoughts on letting Christ fill us with His love!

  3. As I looked through the beautiful photography of God's creation, I prayed again for the precious little one as she struggles through this. Your writings inspired me today. Thank you!


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