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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

getting the "royal" treatment

Well, if you didn't figure it out....we went on a cruise! We left Tampa, Florida on Thursday and headed to Cozumel, Mexico. Our ship was Radiance of the Seas, part of the Royal Caribbean fleet.

This was our welcome for lunch at the Windjammer Cafe on board. It is amazing what they can do with fruit, vegetables and ice. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of the ice sculpture. Truthfully, I was so captivated by the fruits, I didn't even notice the ice until I looked at the picture later. Just too much to take in!

This little guy was waiting for us when we went to our cabin at the end of the second day. Hubby and I watch a demo of how they do it and picked up an instruction pamphlet. I think it would be fun to make them for the grands when they come to visit. I just have to buy some inexpensive white towels and buy some starch...that's the trick...starched towels! Who knew?

Looking to the horizon at the front of the ship...the bow, I mean!

Since my girl works for the doc, too, she and her hubby were there with us. We spent one day in Cozumel. Here we are at the bazaar.

One of the colorful shops. We weren't interested in any serious shopping...t-shirts for the grands, vanilla, Christmas ornaments, etc.

While in port, Hubby and I went for a ride in a glass bottom boat. Some aboard snorkeled. There were several other boats close by. Look how blue the sky and water are.....it was a beautiful day!

Here we are on board.....

.....and here are some of the fish we saw. One of the men threw bread into the water and in seconds, there was a swarm making sure they got their share!

Sunday was a day at sea and we challenged the newlyweds to shuffleboard. We were playing to 50. At one point, we had them 41 to -3....they kept landing in the take off 10 section. But they rallied and beat us 50-46!

Mr Bat greeted us on the last evening.

This was the lobby. There was always live music here and guests services were here as well. It was a beautiful room.

The solarium was one of our favorite spots. There was a pool, and two hot tubs, and not as crowded as the main pool area. As you can see, it was like a Greek Spa. Lots of columns and fountains, greenery, and sounds of birds chirping. Hubby said, "You think they brought birds out to sea?" Of course, he was kidding....but they did sound like they were up in the trees!

Another favorite place....the dinner table! :-) The food was great and different (imagine that!) from our usual fare at home. We had a sweet and friendly waiter and it was the one time each day when our entire group was together. We enjoyed hearing what everyone had been up to each day.

I am so grateful for such a kind and generous boss. When my hubby saw Doc at breakfast on Monday morning, he thanked him for his generosity. His reply was...."Thank you for coming along!" He really is a nice guy!
Thanks to you for "coming along" on this little look at our "cruising adventure"! :-)


  1. Wow what a beautiful trip and I have never been on a cruise that looks like quite a vacation. Did you come back rested? I think it would be so fun and so wonderful that you got to go with your daughter and husband. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been looking forward to this post.

  2. So beautiful! Glad y'all had a sunny trip - no hurricanes or thunderclouds. Wish I could go on such a fabulous cruise one day!

  3. A cruise how nice! You must work for a wonderful doctor.

  4. Very nice! My husband works for the government, and I have worked for non-profits. No cruises or bonuses for us...so I guess I'll have to take you up on your Christmas time offer: next time you get to do this, I'll bring my kids to do your holiday baking, I'll do all the dishes, and then I get to take your place on the boat! Sound good? ;)

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful get-away! And getting to have it with your daughter and her husband was such a bonus.

  5. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you guys had a good time. I'm so sad I missed your giveaway. That's what comes of being 1000 blog posts (and 1000 emails) behind! :(
    Love your new layout!


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