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Thursday, December 30, 2010

target tales

I like Target. I think their prices are higher than WalMart on most things (except when they put them on sale), but as my daughter says "they have cool stuff" and I try to do my part to make sure competition is alive and well in my city!
Last week, I was there with the
grandgirls", when I heard a child say, "Mom, can we buy Candy Land?" Reply...."No, it's almost Christmas." "But, Mom, we could hide it under your bed with my other presents. I'll act surprised when I open it, too."
Earlier this week, there was an older couple checking out ahead of me. Their cart was filled (and I mean FILLED!) with paper goods and cleaning products....their total was $213! As the cashier was finishing their order, the gentleman said. "I can't decide if we are the
cleanest people in the world or the dirtiest!"
Last night, I went to
WMart to get some miscellaneous things and a few groceries. One of the main things I needed was eggs....... there was not one carton on the shelves....not one! I couldn't believe it! I was going to make a quick stop at Target to check on a birthday present for my son in law and I would pass another grocery store on the way home. So, I thought I would stop there. Well, Target didn't have the video game I was looking for, but on the way back to the front of the store, I remembered that they do carry a few groceries. "I wonder if they have eggs." I thought. Guess what.....they did! And at the same price as
W Mart. I couldn't help but laugh. Here I am buying
eggs at the store with the "cool" stuff! Well, the eggs were refrigerated!! :-)
Hope you are having some laughs today!


  1. I prefer Target just because I don't have to wait in long lines like I do at Wal Mart. But Target doesn't have yardage and I am always running in to get some like that. So they both have the good points but I have decided it is best if I stay out of them both. :)
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Miss Debbie

  2. Wal Mart is just a few miles from our house while Target is over an hour away, I do like Target for a change of pace though!

  3. Hey Debbie,
    Thanks for your comment. We don't have a Hobby Lobby, but I just read that they opened one about 1 hour from here so I am thinking of taking a visit. :) I have always wanted to go to one. When I read that Wal Mart took the yardage out of it's stores I was hoping it wouldn't happen here and they haven't so far. We have Michaels, and Joannes, and a Hancock but they never have enough help. I always feel like I am sort of a craft junky. :) Have a great weekend. Do you go back to work on Monday?


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