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Monday, September 16, 2013

he can "can"!

Hubby is a pepper man.
He loves black pepper, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers
and cayenne peppers.
He planted cayenne peppers in his garden this year 
and they have been very productive!
He has enjoyed them with his meals and wanted
to preserve some.
So, he went on line and found a recipe for picking peppers.
When I asked him why he picked this particular recipe,
he pointed to the first word in the tittle of the recipe...
EASY!! :-)

And it was...3 ingredients plus peppers.
In no time at all, he had 8 pints of peppers!

He waited a few weeks, opened a jar and tasted one.
He said they are better than the fresh ones!

So, he is a"happy canner"!

When he retired, he pretty much took over the dish washing chore.
Now, he is canning...wonder what he will try next! :-)


  1. Mr. Jerry adds canning to his list of talents - great!!!

  2. you are blessed, hope he keeps learning things. i was expecting a photo of him in a can can dress.. LOL... he can have his peppers, my mouth is hurting just looking at those beautiful jars he canned

  3. They look yummy. My hubby does the same thing, he loves his peppers too. I bet they taste good they look so pretty in the jar,


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