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Thursday, January 3, 2013

dinner with the ladies

 Now that it seems blogger is going to be kind enough to let me post pictures again, I have some "back tracking" to do! The Tues  after Thanksgiving, we had our Annual Ladies Christmas Dinner at our church. This was the third year and it has grown from about 50 in attendance to almost 300 this year. Individuals agree to decorate a table and invite others to sit at their table. A delicious dinner was served (best green beans I have ever tasted! When I get the recipe, I will share it), door prizes were given out, and a beautiful Christmas message was shared by the director of a local Christian Crisis Pregnancy and Adoption Center. This was the table I decorated.

 I am so grateful for our Dollar Tree store where everything really does cost a dollar. I got the napkins, "JOY" ornaments, the red and silver balls, and the silver poinsettias there. I bought the silver chargers at Wal Mart for 96 cents each.

I already had the dishes, silverware, glasses, and red tablecloth. My "other" mother provided the silver tray, glass cake plate and hurricane vase. Place cards were made from cardstock and stickers.

There were many beautiful tables...reflecting the taste and personality of the decorators.

Interesting colors...

Pretty favors...

creative centerpieces...

 lovely napkins...

Beautiful china...

and delightful people!
 My "other" mother, Miss Sally and my dear friend
 (and former office manager), Kandi.

 My sweet daughter.

And my "bosom buddy", Danna.

It was a wonderful evening.
 Many people worked hard to make it so!
Some ladies have told me they already have
 their table for next year planned.
Me? I need a little more time! :-)


  1. I think that table dressing looked so pretty and you had so much fun.

  2. How fun! Decorating the table is one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas!

  3. What fun! I love your joy table!

  4. What beautiful table settings ... and what beautiful attendees.

  5. your table is stunning and i can't believe all that came from the dollar store. you are very creative. i went to one of these when we were attending a church that does this every year. the tables were gorgeous just like all of these.

  6. Looks incredible. Can't wait to hear more about those green beans. I have been to similar dinner like yours at our church. I always enjoy seeing how some of the others decorate their tables. Neat!!!! Yours is awesome. I LOVE those JOY plates... Wow!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. What fun! Beautiful decor all around...and so many neat ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You made a beautiful table. Everything there just looks so nice and it looks as though you all had a wonderful time. Your daughter is beautiful! Love the picture of the two of you. I like Dollar Tree too they most always have just what I need and a dollar is nice! Hugs

  9. All so pretty. I used to go to one of those to a church up in the mountains. It was always a lovely thing to do. I love the dishes.

  10. Debbie! All of those table were decorated so beautifully. Thanks for your recent visit. That was way kind of you.

  11. Table planned for next year? Oh boy...it looks like you had a great time! Funny.. I always write under the picture of the picture I'm talking about and when I read the line about your sweet daughter I was looking at the photo just before ... thinking she surely could not be your daughter! Just had to scroll down a bit and the aha moment came with it.


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