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Saturday, July 21, 2012

you don't say...

Friday morning, I left town with one of my dear friends
for a short girl's get-away.
We visited two towns with lots of history
(which I will tell you about later)
and some interesting shops
that were fun to explore!
The merchandise seemed to have a lot to say.
Here's a sampling:

 Really love this one!

Which one is your favorite?
More pictures and a history lesson next time! :-)


  1. Those are my favorite kind of stores - love quotes. sandie

  2. I liked them all, it would be hard to choose. I am so glad you had a nice time.

  3. Hi Debbie, I love them all --but the one that grabbed my attention tonight is the one that says: When life brings you storms, dance in the rain!!!!! Love it!!!!

    One of my best blog friends has that saying about the best things in life not being things on his blog page....

    Thanks....Sounds like you had a good time.

  4. While I like the quotes about prayer, I smiled biggest when I read, "Old Age Comes At A Bad Time" --that little plaque would need just the right room, with just the right decor and spot for such a tongue-in-cheek sentiment.

  5. i have a journal, just for quotes that inspire me or make me laugh!!

    i will be adding the serenity quote in to my book!!

  6. I like the one that says want to have the last word...apologize. I did chuckle at the one that says Old Age comes at a bad time...

  7. I like the one about wanting to have the last word, mainly because I usually need prompting to apologize...

  8. My favorite was the one about God's answers being wiser than our prayers...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words...


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