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Monday, July 23, 2012

warm springs

Friday morning, my dear friend (the one who helps me paint and sew) of about 33 years and I  headed to Warm Springs, Ga. It is a small town of less than 500 residents that became popular in the early 1900's as a spa town. It is home to natural springs that flow constantly at a temperature of 90 degrees. President Franklin D. Roosevelt began to visit there, in the 1920's, after being diagnosed with polio in hopes that swimming in the springs would help his paralysis. He built a small home there which became know as "The Little White House" and he died there in 1945. Warm Springs is still home to the Roosevelt Institute for Rehabilitation which is renowned for its programs in physical and occupational rehab.

Downtown Warm Springs consists of one block
 of quaint shops and tasty places to eat.  
We ate lunch at "Georgia's Cafe"...
they had delicious chicken salad!

After lunch, we started browsing the shops...
down one side of the street...

 ...and then the other!

This shop had lots of pretty things...

 ...including furniture!

 This was probably the most novel thing we saw...
a nativity puzzle...

...with the scripture engraved on each piece.
It really was beautiful.
We both wanted one, but at $115
we decided to pass!

When we walked in this shop, I knew
 I smelled something sweet.
When we walked in this room,
 I saw what it was...
scented candles!

 Loved these angels!

 This was an old safe inside an old vault
where they put...not their valuable merchandise, 
but their clearance items! ha! ha!

These reminded me of all you bird lovers
 (like Debbie) out there!

 These are engraved stone plaques...
thought the name was catchy!

This little guy was just too cute...
 had to take his picture!  

This shop had all these beautiful quilts!

Back out on the street, we noticed the lamp posts...

...the hotel sign...

...and the blooming planters!

Then we were off to our final destination...
more history and fun next time! :-)


  1. What fun!!! I haven't had a girls day out like that in years.
    It looks like a wonderful place to visit. I didn't know the history, so I enjoy the history too.

  2. I've been here! When my hubby was down in Ft. Benning, a bunch of us wives took a drive down there and went shopping and looking! I loved it! Nice photos!

  3. What a great place! I love that nativity set. I'm sure it's worth the $$ but rather a lot to spend without budgeting for it. It looks like you had a great time.

  4. You two obviously had a wonderful time!

  5. Looks like a great destination for lots of fun with a friend!

  6. Wow---what a fabulous little community.. I can understand why you two had such a good time. There were so many things to see and 'ooh and ahhh' over..... GORGEOUS...

    Thanks for sharing... Isn't a day with a good friend just awesome????

  7. i love the look of the town and would like to visit and wander. love the bee and that puzzle is amazing. i to would want it but not at that price. i am feeling almost 100 percent today

  8. how fun to see my name and a link to my blog here. that's exciting stuff!!

    a teeny town with some awesome shops!! i may have purchased all of those bird houses!!

  9. Hey, I've been too busy this week to even think about catching up on our trip! I still am smiling about what a good time we had. Thanks for a wonderful time!

  10. I love the ladybug! So Miss Debbie - in the picture of you two - who was who? sandie


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