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Monday, July 30, 2012

a little black book

I mentioned earlier that I bought a little something
in the shop in La Grange.
Well, here it is...
a little black book!

When I opened it, this is what I found...

Intrigued, I turned to the next page and
found notes for a sermon...

...and a few pages later, a list of sermons
this young man had preached.

It was priced at $4 and was 40% off,
So, for $2 and some change, I decided
to buy this bit of history.
My curiosity was piqued...who was the young man,
 what became of him, and how did his "little black book"
end up in an antique store in Georgia.
I did a little research and found a man with the same man
who died in 2005 at the age of 85.
He was a Methodist pastor and a professor of theology
at a Georgia university.
I have no idea if the two men are indeed the same man.
 But, I can see how, maybe after an estate sale,
 some of his things may have made their way to this store.

Finding this book reminded me of all the
 faithful men and women who have come before us.
Those who have taught and preached and prayed.
Those who have raised their children to love God
and to walk in obedience to Him
Those who have been willing to stand alone
for what is right...willing to die,
if necessary to defend their faith.
How grateful I am for the foundation they
built...for my own personal family and
for our country.
They were heroes of the faith!

Then this question came to mind...will those who come
 after me be able to call me faithful?
Will my life be viewed as one of
love, obedience, and integrity?

It's something to think about...


  1. How interesting.... Are you going to try to find that minister's family so that the little black book can remain in their family????

    I keep thinking of getting my blog printed into a book--or several books.... Wonder if someone in my family --in the future---would want my ramblings?????? ha

    Neat find!!!!

  2. What a fun find Miss Debbie. Ahh yes we do hope that we will leave a Godly faithful legacy...

  3. Great story, I adore the hand writing!!!

  4. Wow to read someones history from the past. That has to be interesting. Can you find out more about him? sandie

  5. I think this is a question worth asking at this time of our lives... in the sandwich years for sure...and so much patience needed, right?
    Interesting little find, you have there. Makes one wonder where our notes will end up.

  6. Wow that is so neat. I have a book just like that but it was my Dad's. He was going to be a preacher and he said, he knew God had called him to preach, but he wanted to make money. So he walked away from God. Shortly before his death he talked about that and how he wished he had obeyed God. I read his sermons sometimes and it is nice to know that at one time my Dad had such a heart for God. He never lost it but still that is what I thought of when I saw your black book. I am going to clean out my journals and burn them so they don't wind up in a antique store though. :)


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