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Thursday, April 19, 2012

girl's trip, part 2

 After the Container Store and lunch, we checked
 out the "World Market" store.

There were clothes and purses...

pillows in every color you can imagine...

food from around the world...

including "Happy Hippos" from Germany!
Our sweet girl discovered them when
 she spent ten weeks in Germany one summer
 for a college study abroad program.
 She hasn't had them since, so she was very
happy to find them here!

These aprons reminded me of my
 "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" blogger friends!

If you can't find a chair cushion you like here,
  you are hard to please!:-)

After a while, Little E wanted
 a closer look at things!
 Gran was happy to oblige. :-)
We found furniture, too. Notice the chairs
 mounted on the wall behind us...
an interesting way to display them.

We checked out this store, too. Lots of
 home decor at reasonable prices. 
We enjoyed looking, but didn't buy anything.
 Our daughter and her hubby are buying
 their first home and are moving in May. 
We will have to go back when we
 know what she needs. 
That's a good reason, right? :-)

Next stop...Tennessee and family!
More on that next time!


  1. Little E looks so pleased to be in your arms. I really enjoyed visiting HomeGoods while in California. We are finally going to get them here in Washington in July. Woohoo! Looks like you girls really covered some good ground...

  2. Isn't it fun to shop in new places? I love shopping in these kind of stores when we are in the US! There is always something new that you did not know you needed.=)

  3. World Market...another store I have never heard of, but better look out for. What fun things...including the aprons, of course! We have Home Sense here in Canada...much like your Home Goods, I think. I'll be back...to see what fun you had in Tennessee.

  4. I have never heard of World Market. It seems to have a lot of pretty things! Have fun in Tennessee!

  5. I love Home Goods! ANY reason is a good reason to go there: needing to buy a gift...just needing some "me" time to browse around...when I have a gift card. That store and its affiliates, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, are definitely my favorites.

    Nice review of your shopping, and I also like the croquet set on your next post. It reminds me of the one my parents used to have. I wonder where it went?


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