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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have been blue this week. When things aren't right between me and those close to me, it feels like there is a cloud, not just over me, but over everything. That's how it's been.
In Matthew, Jesus says that if I have an offense between me and someone else, it is my responsibility to initiate reconciliation. I try to be quick to do that when I am the offender, but when I am the injured one......hmmm, not so much. I tend to wait for them to apologize or to do whatever needs to be done to restore fellowship. It isn't a good thing to do. I end up spending days.....unhappy days under my rain cloud.
I know God has given me all I need to give grace and forgiveness as easily as I receive it....and the strength to put it into practice. And you know what they say about practice........"we learn from it"!


  1. So sorry, I wish I could run over and give you a hug. I have thought lots about that guy who owed so much and the guy he wouldn't forgive. I always have to remember how much I owe Jesus. It is hard, to forgive the other person when we have been wronged, or it is me. I will be praying for you. It is never easy. I sat on Tuesday and prayed and prayed and forgave and forgave. I prayed all of the verses I could think of and then you know what, My husband who is always the most forgiving person in the world walked in and saw what I had stared at all day and he was as upset as I had been and trying to forgive.
    We had to go though it all over again. It did make me feel better as I just thought I was being petty. :)
    My poor friend,
    I am there with you all of the way.

  2. Very insightful. How little we practice this in the church! How much more unified we would be if we demanded less and loved more.

  3. You've been on my heart since I read this yesterday. Why am I always surprised when I learn that someone fights feeling down the same way I do? And struggles with responding in the correct way? Your posts are so insightful, you share sweet stories, and I guess I thought that your life was ... perfect! (yes, I know better.) This, and another conversation I had this week, were both good reminders to me that we all struggle with something; and we can be valiant warriors on behalf of one another by praying.

    Thanks for being transparent.

  4. I had a hard day last week and a response from a family member(my child) (his honesty) did a number on me.. I remind myself that God is in the business of healing, restoring and answering prayer. May your days ahead be brighter and lighter in Him.. (:


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