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Thursday, June 6, 2013

look alikes

 For many years...almost as long as I can remember...
people have been
 telling me that I remind them of someone else.

I've had folks say," You look just like my
sister's mother-in-law",

"my high school science teacher",

 "my husband's aunt". A nurse told me I looked like
an actress she once saw in a movie!

Regularly, strangers will say, 
"Where do I know you from?"

A few weeks ago, the woman who came to train us 
in electronic record keeping asking me if I had
eaten lunch at Moe's. When I said no, she said,
"Well, your twin did!"

Last week when I went through the drive thru at 
Taco Bell, the cashier said,
"You just came through a few minutes ago, didn't you?"
When I said no, she said,
"Well, someone with yo' face did!"

That cracked me up!! Just once I would like to
see one of these people and see for myself
if I think they look like me!! :-)


  1. I get told that somewhat frequently, but not as often as you - and certainly nothing like what you were told by the Taco Bell cashier!

  2. You know what - they say everyone has a twin. sandie

  3. well at least no one has told you that you are the twin of JANET RENO... OH NO. i do NOT look like her. tell me i don't.
    i also have a twin that lives here somewhere.... and i actually saw my hubby's twin and he looks a lot like him. people are always telling me they saw my hubby at such and such and i said no you didn't. but yours seems to be you look like more than one person. very odd.. wish we could see all your twins.

  4. I must be more unique looking since I never hear anyone say that about me... However, as I've gotten older, someone did tell me that I look like my mother.... I don't think so though... I'm just ME --and you are just YOU....

    Hope you meet some of your twins someday.


  5. That is really funny! Once when I was swimming in the Atlantic, someone swam up to me and said I looked like someone and the weird thing was that I knew that someone they said I looked like from the West Coast!!

  6. I guess we all have twins...as I too get that comment quite regularly! The funny thing is that often it is a good friend of mine that they confuse me with. Now you have me thinking...but I can't identify any of your twins in my realm of friends.

  7. This made me smile. I too want to see the people I apparently look like. They always evade us, though, don't they?


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