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Monday, July 18, 2011

a week to remember!

We had a wonderful week playing and laughing, sunning and resting, eating and exploring! Jekyll Island is our beach of choice. Hubby grew up nearby, so we went there many times through the years while visiting grandparents. It is now our yearly destination for our family vacation.
I will warn you now...there are lots of pictures, but not much text. So, here's our week in review....the family picture was taken on Driftwood Beach. It is a sign of the erosion that has taken place on the island, but it is very scenic.

Rocks have been placed there to prevent further damage...
a good place to pose for daddy and girls.

And for the grands to be adventurous...which made Gran nervous!

We went to the beach everyday,
where we played bocce ball...

And (you can't really tell) but we had water balloon battles...
friendly ones!

There were lots of bubbles blown....

and a contest to see who could find the biggest hermit crab...

...which are not very big at all!
But it was fun and we discovered another use for the frisbee! -)

The grands made dinosaur prints in the sand....

...and made sand castles...with a little help from a sweet uncle!

We took walks...

side by side...

...and sat in the shade of our canopy.

The four guys used the 99 ft seine
(this picture gives you an idea of how long that is)
to catch...

a shark, which had to be released back into the ocean...
it's the law,

a few small blue crab which just get tangled in the net
and are not big enough to bother trying to eat,

and about 15 lbs of shrimp (what we were seining for)...
which I neglected to take a picture of!
Because I was more interested in these two
catching a ride on the shrimp wagon being pulled by Chief!

And the fun being had in the muddy sand!

There were putts to be putted.....

...and holes in one to be documented...me and my DIL...
back to back on the same hole!

We visited the historic district....
more on that in the next post...

...and took our annual mother-daughter photo!

At the house, balls were hit...

...dough was molded...

...pizzas were created on the night the adults had low country boil...

...ice cream was churned...twice...
fresh peach and fresh strawberry...so yummy!

Games were played...

...and there was always some snuggling going on!

But then Sunday came and it was time to head home...
over the Sidney Lanier Bridge,

the Brunswick River,

and the beautiful Marshes of Glynn.

Then a drive past the overlook park.

We are all safely home now...with a
little more tan
many more stories to tell and memories to treasure!


  1. I love your pictures!! Thanks for sharing them. It looks like you had such a very nice time. I think it looks so nice and pretty. So glad you are home.

  2. Fun, fun, FUN! I've been thinking of you, missing your posts, and eager to hear about your great trip.

  3. Looks like wonderful family time! What great photos. How special that you could all get away and have that time together...

  4. Looks like the very best sort of family vacation. The beach was not crowded at all, that surprised me.

  5. What a beautiful overview of your special family time!

  6. What a perfect time... I can't imagine anything better than a beach vacation with snuggle buddies!

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. The Marshes of Glynn - poet Sidney Lanier (a fellow Maconite) made it famous in his poem.

    All the pictures are so great. Love your annual Jekyll Island vacations.


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