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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

from the field to the freezer!

We planted peas in our little garden, but we are only getting enough to eat as we pick. Since we like to put fresh vegetables in our freezer when we can get them, Hubby has picked peas and corn through the years at "U Pick" places. It's a bit of work but the prices are usually good. Those places seemed to have disappeared over the last few years, but just last week we discovered a new one. This morning, Hubby got a bushel of peas and two bushels of corn.

So, this evening, I had this in my lap.......

...and ended up with this.
Well, actually two of these.....
those pods were really packed!
It was too late to get them ready for the freezer,
so they will rest in the fridge until tomorrow.
We'll see how many quarts we get.

After the corn was shucked and silked and blanched and cut and scraped,
we had this....

...beautiful and sweet! Next it went into the containers.

This is a few of the 23 we put in the freezer...some quarts and some 1 1/2 pints.
I'll have to say, it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do
after a really long day at work, but....
it will be so good this winter!


  1. Wow...that's a lot of work. Good for you for getting it done.

  2. How nice, I love doing this, there is something so nice about looking in the freezer or pantry and seeing all of your hard work. :)

  3. You have been busy! Our veggie harvest will have to wait for a while yet.

  4. It will be good! What a good feeling to get that done... and after your regular work day at that!

  5. I am so amazed at your industriousness (is that a word?)!!! You work all day, come home and cook for the hubby, then go do all this, and still look for ways to minister at your church. You are amazing! Love, Danna

  6. You are a wise homemaker. This garden goodness is going to taste wonderful come winter!

    Thank you for your encouragement yesterday, I needed it. Today is a bit better.

    Blessings, Debbie


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