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Friday, November 1, 2013

a floating resort...the ship!

 The deck by the pools was nice place to sit, read, 
watch people and eat ice cream cones!!

 This is the adult pool area.
The small round pools are warm water
The kid's pool below was colorful
and fun with sprinklers and fountains.

 The top deck had a walking/jogging track.
It was the best place to be while departing or entering port.

The Royal Promenade on deck 4 was the main common
area inside the ship.
It was like a street in a small town...
with shops, sidewalk cafes, and street lights.

The bay windows overlooking the promenade
were staterooms. 
We stayed in one on the right.

The staircases going down to the next deck were 
beautifully designed.

There were balconies overlooking the promenade, too.

Another place to get ice cream...but it cost extra...
so we opted for the free stuff!!

This is the entrance to Pharoh's Palace...
one of the lounges. 
It was also used for bingo and port shopping talks .

Another lounge had a sailing ship theme ...

and games of trivia were played here.

The dining room was beautiful!

On Friday night, the entire culinary team visited the dining room
to get their well deserved applause!

Sat afternoon, there was a Royal Parade down the promenade
with lively music and elaborate costumes.

It was a wonderful week on an amazing ship!
Don't understand how they do it all...
but I'm glad they do and am so grateful
for the opportunity to enjoy it!! :-)


  1. The size is amazing and it's hard to imagine all of that floating about the ocean! Great photos!

  2. DH wants to stay in one of the rooms overlooking the promenade the next time we cruise. I was worried that the lights and sounds from the promenade would interfere with sleeping. Did you guys have any trouble getting a good night's sleep?

  3. I have never been on a cruise. I'm impressed. The ship is so beautiful, so glad you got to go and had a wonderful time!

  4. Beautiful! I'm so glad you got away...and had a week of pampering.

  5. i have seen cities smaller that this ship... they would have chucked me overboard to get me to quit flashing my camera... awesome ship... great photos

  6. Wow that is so amazing, I can't believe how big and how much is there. I bet it was nice. I will have to show my husband this, it will blow his mind I think.

  7. I've been on a cruise twice and it was so much fun! I felt so spoiled and loved dressing up to go for dinner every night and oh.. the food was amazing day after day!


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