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Sunday, August 14, 2011

take me out to the ball game...

I had a "hot" date with a good friend Friday night!
We went to a baseball game and, even though
the game started at 8 pm....the temp was in the 90's!
Little League has always been a big deal in our city,
but in 2007,our boys baseball team
put us on the map by winning the
Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa.
Not to be out done, our girl's softball team
won their World Series in Oregon in 2009 and 2010.
Two years in a row!
That made history...first time ever that teams
representing the same city had won
their respective Series.

Well, we are going again!
The boy's baseball team won the district
and state titles and, Friday night,
they won the Southeastern Regional game
to advance
to the Series!
Two years ago, our city won the bid to have
the regional championship stadium built here.
It is a great facility and it was packed Friday night
for the final game between Georgia (that's us) and Florida.

All those folks are sitting on a grassy embankment
in the outfield!

Games are six innings long, so during the
3rd inning stretch, the umpires danced to the
YMCA song in the outfield!

As you can tell by the score (we were guest),
it was a nail biter!
There is no zero in the bottom of the sixth,
but that's what happen.
And, then, there was lots of cheering!

After the last out and a little celebrating,
the two teams gathered together
in a huddle to pray.
That was nice to see.

Here are the guys with their championship banner.
We will certainly be watching them play
on the TV coverage...
cheering them on!

And here we are....sweaty, but happy!

It was a fun and exciting way to spend a "hot" summer night!


  1. That is just fabulous! Glad you braved the heat and cheered your team on!!

  2. I loved our little league days! I wish they had lasted longer...our kids played just a couple years and then moved on to music!

    Your town must raise the kids right to do so well in the championships. Congratulations!

  3. I have been watching the Little League World Series on and off for years. You must be very proud of your hometown teams! Rhode Island will represent the New England area. So this year I will definitely be watching. Now that I know you have a team in the series, I will have two teams to watch!

  4. Way to support the home team! A neighbouring community to ours (Langley, BC), just won the Canadian Little League Championship on Saturday (defeating a Quebec team 11-0...and will be playing in Williamsburg, PA.


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